Constituo Integration Suite (CIS) is a hybrid cloud integration platform as-a-service (iPaaS) with tools for both end users and technical users to build and manage integrations. CIS integrates structured and unstructured data cloud to cloud, cloud to on-premise, or on-premise to on-premise. CIS provides easy and secure connectivity with minimal to no IT infrastructure investments required.

Constituo Integration Suite is a hybrid cloud iPaaS

Rapid Design

Rapidly design and deliver unlimited integration solutions for the most basic to the most complex integration scenarios.

Centralized Integration Hub

Maintain a centralized integration hub for the enterprise with dashboards, granular permissions, and more.

Share Components

Share modular solution components throughout the customer community for effective scaling.

Expose Integrations

Expose your integration solutions as secure web services with the click of a button.



Monitor your integrations with dashboards, internal and external messaging, audit logs, record history and more.

Integrated Development Environment

Integrated Development Environment

Utilize the graphical workflow builder, library of solution components, code editor, debugging tools, and more to quickly and efficiently build your integrations.

Production & Test Environments

Production & Test Environments

Maintain production and test revisions, revision notes, and change history to manage the maintenance on your integrations.



Components for working with common data structures

Data Lists

Key/value pair lookup across integrations


Integration with Constituo Map

Custom Interfaces

Integration with Constituo Gather

Bash and PowerShell

Expanded capability with shell scripting languages

Encryption and Decryption

Protect sensitive data via the OpenPGP standard

Exception Handling

Try, catch, and throw functionality to handle the unexpected


Access and maintenance for distributed directory information services


Direct integration with databases via Prepared Statement, Callable Statement, and Result Sets

Web Services

Components for working with SOAP and RESTful web services

Robust Scripting Language

Specifically designed to provide a powerful and familiar user experience for programmers developing solutions

Does your organization need an iPaaS?

  • Is the adoption of your SaaS application negatively impacted because it cannot interact with legacy on-premise applications and databases?
  • Are you building and supporting homegrown one-off integrations that are not scalable?
  • Are you struggling to get incoming data files into the appropriate system for timely processing?
  • Do you dream of having one central location to build, manage, and execute all of your integrations, whether on-premise, cloud or both?

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Integration Solutions

Constituo provides integration solutions for the most commonly used systems in Higher Education, as well as some of the more esoteric and even homegrown systems. Constituo Integration Suite, our powerful iPaaS, enables us and our customers to rapidly build and deploy solutions for virtually any system integration requirement.

Additional Products Included

Constituo Gather (Limited)

Constituo Gather, electronic forms software-as-a-service, was designed to be “end user easy” for knowledgeable, non-IT users, to design, publish and automate custom web forms. Constituo’s cloud platform provides the features you would expect of a forms application to quickly build and deploy forms to your websites or embed within other applications.

Constituo Map

A non-programmatic data preparation tool as-a-service designed to be “end user easy” for knowledgeable users (but who are not IT experts) to transform
and cleanse relevant data prior to analysis or integration.

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