Constituo Map is a non-programmatic data preparation tool as-a-service designed to be “end user easy” for knowledgeable users (who are not IT experts) to transform and cleanse relevant data prior to analysis or integration.

Constituo Map is a non-programmatic data preparation tool as-a-service

Repeatable Instructions

Create repeatable data mapping, transformation and translation instructions to incoming data.

No Installation

No software installation required.

No Programming

Designed for data owners with limited technical expertise; no programming experience required.

No Connections Needed

No connections to host applications; simply transform a data file into the desired layout for downstream processing (e.g., SIS import, etc.).


Data Sources

Quickly define data sources by uploading sample files, running database queries or executing web services


Import major lists, ethnicity codes, course numbers, country codes, etc to simplify translating from vendor supplied values to your required values


Select from dozens of provided transformations to manipulate text, dates, numeric or even apply conditional logic with if/else transformations

Custom Transformations

Save common or complex transformations to quickly apply them when building new maps


Map input to output in a graphical drag and drop interface or by selecting from a prickliest; add transformations and translations; and preview transformed data in real-time

Auto Map

Apply both standard and custom mapping rules to quickly and efficiently map input data source fields to output data source fields during the creation of a new Map

Do you need a data preparation solution?

  • Regularly cutting and pasting data to format it for a particular layout?
  • Requesting IT to create scripts to automate translations and transformations of data files?
  • Manually manipulating data over and over for transmission to third party reporting agencies?
  • Addressing data quality issues with erroneous data manipulation by your peers or other departments?

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Data Transformation Solutions

Constituo provides data transformation solutions that help colleges & universities eliminate data intensive, highly redundant and error-prone data preparation processes. These solutions which use Constituo Map are all non-programmatic and do not require any software to install! From manipulating EDI data sources to standardizing flat data files for downstream import, Constituo’s data transformation solutions get the job done.

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