Smart Form Examples

Born in the Cloud

Constituo utilizes the security and reliability of the Amazon Web Services platform to provide our customers with SaaS and full iPaaS solutions.

  • Uses true multi-tenant architecture
  • Provides security, redundancy and scalability
  • Lowers IT burden with minimal or no on-premises footprint

Graphical Forms Builder

Build a responsive, event-driven form with simple drag and drop, point and click operations.

  • Drop in pre-built widgets from the toolkit to capture and display a variety of data formats
  • Move, resize and style widgets with drag operations and simple property fields
  • Expand and collapse accordions for quick reference to integration resources
  • Easily add and configure contextual user events on any widget
  • Build custom script events with Constituo Script, a powerful and familiar scripting language

Responsive Design

Forms can automatically adapt to a variety of devices and screen sizes.

  • Utilize template and widget libraries to build responsive forms
  • Preview forms in a variety of screen resolutions at design time
  • Optionally configure form and widget styling specific to various screen sizes

Dashboards to Manage & Monitor Data Collection

With an unlimited number of customizable dashboards, each user is able to configure their own view into the solution.

  • Display metrics for quick status at a glimpse of all enterprise integrations
  • Provide shortcuts for user interaction with each integration
  • Drag, drop, and click to easily customize the location, size and content of each dashboard widget

Audit Trail

Monitor and audit your solutions across the enterprise with the provided tools.

  • Use revision history tied to each component to know who changed what and when
  • See custom, categorized log messages

Affordable & Flexible Licensing

Not only is Constituo Integration Suite built for Higher-Ed, but it’s also priced for Higher-Ed.

  • License specific solutions
  • License the entire platform
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Centralized User Management

Maintain solution permissions across the enterprise for both end users and technical users who build integrations.

  • Configure Departments, Roles, and Users
  • Create Organization and Department Administrator roles
  • Grant granular role-based permissions