Funnel multiple student application sources into a single format, allowing you to leverage one integration to handle multiple data sources.

Data Extracts

Allow your business users to edit home-built data extracts, including extracts for Payroll reporting, Residency, Bookstore, etc.


Automatically format EDI data sources such as ApplyTexas and TREx into readable and digestible CSV and Excel Formats.

Born in the Cloud

Constituo utilizes the security and reliability of the Amazon Web Services platform to provide our customers with SaaS and full iPaaS solutions.

  • Uses true multi-tenant architecture
  • Provides security, redundancy and scalability
  • Lowers IT burden with minimal or no on-premises footprint

Dashboards to Manage & Monitor Transformations

With an unlimited number of customizable dashboards, each user is able to configure their own view into the solution.

  • Display metrics for quick status at a glimpse of all enterprise maps
  • Provide shortcuts for user interaction with each map
  • Drag, drop, and click to easily customize the location, size and content of each dashboard widget

Non-Programmatic Data Preparation

Constituo Map allows you to create repeatable mapping instructions to prepare and funnel data for integration.

  • Map, transform, and translate your input data into a normalized data source ready for integration
  • Point and click to build transformations, with no programming experience required
  • Separate business logic from the technical detail of the integration

Audit Trail

Monitor and audit your solutions and integrations across the enterprise with the provided tools.

  • Use revision history tied to each integration component to know who changed what and when
  • Browse granular record level history messages to track each record through the integration
  • See custom, categorized log messages

Scheduled Transformations

Fully automate your solution to provide seamless, hassle-free integration with timely data.

  • Create scheduled tasks to determine the days and times to run your map
  • Expose your map as an API to run on demand from third party applications

Affordable & Flexible Licensing

Not only is Constituo Integration Suite built for Higher-Ed, but it’s also priced for Higher-Ed.

  • License specific solutions
  • License the entire platform
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Centralized User Management

Maintain solution permissions across the enterprise for both end users and technical users who build integrations.

  • Configure Departments, Roles, and Users
  • Create Organization and Department Administrator roles
  • Grant granular role-based permissions

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